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The Atlanta Voice

AUC students, faculty adjust to virtual learning

The AUC’s decision to go virtual for this semester’s students and faculty may have been the right decision to make as several schools are closing down due to… READ MORE

John Lewis
Diversity in Research Jobs

Obituary: John Lewis

Many aspire to leave this world a better place than they found it. Only a few… READ MORE

Diverse: Issues In Higher Education

Howard, Columbia Collaborate on Reparations Project

The U.S. African American Redress Network was created when the Thurgood Marshall Civil Rights Center at Howard University and the Institute for the Study of Human Rights at … READ MORE


Texas Southern Debate Coach, Dr. Thomas Freeman

When it came to his students, legendary debate coach Dr. Thomas F. Freeman said, “I’m here to serve. And as long as there’s a need for service, there is a need for my presence.” Freeman, … READ MORE

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Zora by Medium

How I Am Dealing With Touch Starvation

Big bear hugs aren’t quite safe, so here are other options. Hugging, shaking hands, or a quick high five could be all the stimulation your body needs for the day. But… READ MORE 

Diverse: Issues In Higher Education

COVID-19 Recapitulates Familiar Disappointment at Jackson State University

For one set of Jackson State University graduates, the postponement of this year’s commencement ceremony brought a sense of déjà vu. READ MORE

6 Things You Probably Didn't Know About HBCUs

6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About HBCUs

Imagine you’re at a college football game, waiting with anticipation for a halftime show you’ll be sure to remember. Or maybe … READ MORE

Black America Web

Katrice Albert Focuses On Diversity In NCAA

Dr. Katrice Albert, a graduate of beloved HBCU Xavier University in New Orleans, is the NCAA’s newest executive vice president of inclusion and human resources, making her the first-ever person in this position.

In this role… READ MORE

Politico: Mississippian Heath Hall, Federal Railroad Administration acting chief, resigned effective immediately

Politico: Mississippian Heath Hall, Federal Railroad Administration acting chief, resigned effective immediately

Mississippian Heath Hall who is the acting Federal Railroad Administration acting chief resigned Saturday according to… READ MORE

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