Now that we are in a few hours into 2019, 2018 prepared me for my next venture in life. After losing my dream job as a digital content producer and suffering major health problems that followed after that, I realized that life is too short for me to be living for someone else and not for myself.

As you may, or may not know, starting a new career in your late 30s is risky and you end up having to compete with others who are almost 10 years younger than you. I filled out so many applications for journalism jobs that I was afraid to count. That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands and start my own freelance journalism company.

Hi! I’m Allison Joyner, and I am the founder and CEO of Allison Joyner Enterprises, LLC, and I welcome you to come to me for all your digital content needs. At AJE, I could help you with Internet-based elements to meet your marketing or journalistic needs for your company, non-profit organization, or publications.

As a graduate of Clark Atlanta University and a current grad student at Syracuse University, I have extensive training for creating content that is both literary and informative. Some of my services include (but are not limited to) content creation involving social media, writing and video & audio editing. My skills have been used for websites, small businesses, TV stations, and non-profit organizations that were able received enhanced engagement in their digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

So the next time you need focused-driven content to drive in more customers and readers, think of AJE for your media needs.

Feel free to connect with me to leave a message or give me a call at (601)951–3154 or email at