An idea for 3D Modeling: My Desk

This week, my intern boss and journalism sensei, Jacque Reid, allowed me to work from my NYC apartment that I am renting for the summer. Not only was it for convenience, but for the annoying sinus infection I have been blessed with.

As my weekly blog assignment was to think of a how 3D modeling can help with my work, I came to the revelation that the model should be where I work. But first, let’s go back.

My maturing friend, Wikipedia, told me that 3D Modeling (which is short for three-dimensional modeling) is the process of developing a mathematical representation of any surface of an object (either inanimate or living) in three-dimensions via specialized software to form a 3D Model.

Of course, I want to be creative and impress my professor (shoutout to Dan Pacheco) but then I thought the model should be of where I am the most creative. And until my lease is up at the end of this month, it will be at my desk.

desk 1

With a quick tour of this writing laboratory, it’s simply a table and a chair, which actually flattens my bottom if I sit there for more than an hour. Artifacts of my journies are revealed with the tote bag I received while at the National Convention of Black Journalist Convention and Career Fair in Detroit. Notebooks and papers surround the laptop or “centerpiece,” which store all of my work professionally, personally, and educationally. Living in New York I’ve found out that storage is a luxury, so I have my carry on suitcase which doubles as a file cabinet in between my travels. But to end with a sentimental finale. A picture of my heavenly cheerlead, Dad, to motivate me to keep going for my goals and my dreams. desk 2

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So that concludes our tour! Make sure you stop by the Gift Shop or the comment section, since this is a blog and not an actual attraction, to give us pointers on your visit. Happy Creating Y’all!


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