It’s true! My addiction is run by applications that control my entire life. Hell, I’m typing this confession on an app right now as we speak (Smooches to Word Press).

I think know for a fact that it started with this commercial:

Of course there’s an app for that. My cloud is full of apps I never use but thought I needed when I downloaded it. I have four different types of calculators apps, three dictionary apps, 2 podcasts apps, and a partridge in a pear tree, you get the idea.  There are even an app that suggest other apps for you to purchase, which I do read at least once a day.

What’s worst is that these apps control every aspect of my life. Just for today, my apps have helped me create a shopping list of groceries, book an appointment at the salon, listen to Jamiroquai on the Subway, and book reservations at a restaurant for my boss this evening (and Wonder Woman needed a lasso to be powerful… ha!)

But is this what the inventors wanted? In this current capacity, yes, but maybe the inventor’s dilemma was that this was what they are happy with right now in a “good enough” kind of way and has always planned for apps to do even more stuff than they are doing now.

Take for example the video conference app, Skype, as a benchmark. Then other companies make their own video conference apps built into their smartphones and computers, like Apple FaceTime. Now you can have a video conference and show a powerpoint presentation on any device like Adobe Connect, which is the same video conferencing app that I use to attend my online classes.

The possibilities are endless. As for me finding a rehab for my app addiction…

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