Punctuation Marks were the First Emojis ;)

*NOTE: My punctuation artwork were automatically changed into emojis. Stupid code 🤬

IKR 😮 my mind was blown when I realized it too! It happened at work, a nameless co-worker was filling out a survey one day and I noticed that he was giving the restaurant high marks, but was not as enthusiastic in his descriptions of the fantastic service that he was given.

Me: You should put an exclamation point at the end of your sentences.

Co-worker: Oh ok

Me: See! it makes it more exciting like an emoji. Punctuation marks are like emojis but really old. LIKE THEY WERE THE FIRST EMOJIS!!!!

And there you have it 🤯 If you really think about it, we were using punctuation marks before the smiley face days came along in the mid-2000s.

keyboard designs 4

The transition from punctuation marks to emojis are an example of technological convergence- the combination of computing communications and content around networked digital media platforms. This form of digital convergence, helped different mediums like telecommunications, cable TV, and computers together making it easier for viewers to see and read from their favorite magazines, newspaper, movies, and TV shows, by using alternative devices like tablet, smartphones, and laptops.

I am so putting this on a t-shirt 😂


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