I know! Social media is awesome! I would agree myself. Now this medium that’s gone from “new” to “norm” is still growing, and eventually, it’s going to bust out of its shell.

My case in point is the Conversation Prism. The Prism is a map of the social media universe which lets us know how we use social networking sites, in addition to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and how that changes over time.

conversation prism 5.0

Developed by digital analysts, Brian Solis, the prism has gone through several enhancements since its development in 2008. The most recent image above (version 5.0) shows all of the social networking sites that is available for people to use and it correlates the sites into categories which shows the variety of the platforms in a colorful way.

Eventually, if not very soon, the prism would not be able to maintain its present state and will have to take another form. My prediction is that it will turn into a digital rainbow.

Think about it, Dictionary.com defines rainbow as an arc of prismatic colors, and unlike the fantasy of there being pot of gold at the end of it (sorry kids 😬), a rainbow is never ending. And by the way social media is going, it has possibilities of never ending too.

I’m sure Solis would agree with me. I’ll have to ask him the next time I see him.

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