I recently read an article entitled “Minority and Female Media Ownership: Why It Matters” The article elaborated that the radio and television companies that you watch and listen to everyday, are owned by Caucasian males (69.4% of ownership) and a small slyver  of the pie (2.2%) goes to the rest of my colorful brothers and sisters. But to ask the question “Why does it matter?” My first reaction is HELL YEAH it matters. However, the open-minded person that I am read this publication with clear eyes.

May be I should start on the Why of why does it matter:

  • No Representation- Living in one of the most diverse nations in the world is the most beautiful reason why I am grateful to live in America. The media is the only voice that the everyday person has. The only person I can think of in ownership of a media empire is my “sheroe”, Cathy Hughes, founder and chairman of Urban One Inc. (formally called Radio One). Hughes is a black single mother who sacrificed everything to create one of the largest urban radio, TV, and digital company to date. Her, with the help of her son, Alfred, have made it their endeavor to make sure that the voiceless are heard loud and clear.
  • The Female Revolution Continues- Like Beyoncé says, “Who run the world? Girls” of course! But in this field, the Queen Bee is mistaken (sorry Beehive. I am a member by the way). Majority ownership of commercial television stations by a woman ONLY represent 6.8% in this country.  God has created 50% of our global population to have 2 X chromosomes, but they are also not represented in terms of media ownership. The women’s movement has been strong so far this year, but for some reason, the discussion of more women owning our media outlets has been dismal at best. This could change by also demanding that the voice of female empowerment is heard loud and clear.
  • People need to tell their story- It is very concerning that white journalists are reporting on sensitive and emotional stories like Black Lives Matter. By doing this, I think the message of what this movement actually means has been distorted unfortunately. If African American journalists, and ONLY African American journalist, be the voice of this historical declaration of free speech, the message would be made more clear and the critics would have nothing to criticize due to seeing the entire picture of this canvas of frustration.

As a minority and as a woman, it is important that the attempts of owning more radio and TV channels for someone who looks more like me. Everyone, and I mean everyone deserves a seat at the table. So when I asked myself the same question after I read the end of the article of “Does this matters,” my answer is an emphatic HELL YEAH more than ever.

By allisonjoyner

Born in Mobile. Raised in Birmingham. Educated in Atlanta. Adulated in Jackson. And back in the ATL.

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