If you haven’t heard of the name Dr. Jamie Pleasant, you are in for a treat! Pleasant’s place of work, Clark Atlanta University, announced earlier this week that their Professor of Marketing and Associate Dean of the Business School has been certified as a genius!

The newly discovered brainiac got confirmation of this from Mensa International, a membership club for the top 98 percentile of their approved IQ test. Only 100,000 people in the world are members of this prestigious organization and one of those members work at a Historically Black College or University (HBCU)!

“I was completely shocked and humbled at the same time when I got my results for acceptance from this very distinguished intellectual organization,” Pleasant said in a statement.

You would think that a person of his intelligence would want to work at an Ivy League school, but instead Pleasant wants to continue teaching at CAU. By Pleasant receiving this recognition, this means that the students at this beloved HBCU will get some of the best education in the country because they will be taught by one of the smartest in the world.

Pleasant went on to say, “I will do my best to represent Clark Atlanta University and Mensa at a very high level of academic and intellectual excellence by continuing innovative teaching methods and cutting-edge research.”

Clark Atlanta employing Pleasant at their institution is one of the reasons why HBCUs are very important to our educational enrichment in America. To learn more about Pleasant and the school that he works for, visit Clark Atlanta’s website HERE.

By allisonjoyner

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