So the reason for this website, the reason for these blogs, and the reason why I am writing this right now are coming to an end. My Introduction to Digital Communications class at the S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University is pretty much over.

To tell you the truth, the class, which was history focused on how the Internet and social media became a mandatory necessity, was really dope!

I never knew that the time that I was a kid, watching Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, and drenching my little brother and sister with my super soaker, was the same time that the world of digital was being created.

The amazing thing about the class was that I really learned a lot too. Not only did I learn a lot from the curriculum, but also from my classmates.

This is what I know for sure:

  • Professor Emily will always be called Professor Emily to me. This is mostly because I had difficulty pronouncing her last name which is “Kulkus”.
  • Don’t do your Asynchronous work on a cruise ship. The WiFi was so bad that it took me hours to download a 10-minute lecture.
  • LaTron loves his tech toys. He’s always talking about buying the latest thing or buying his third Amazon Echo.
  • Nate’s favorite thing in the whole wide world is his Baltimore Orioles hat.
  • Bria has a passion for the ones that she loves, and they are really lucky people too!
  • Lilli’s husband always likes to walk in front of her computer camera as if he wanted to participate in the class.
  • Megan loves to talk about her new husband, and I hope that never goes away!
  • Jelyse needs to be a paid spokesperson for Fit Bit! I’ve had the wellness device for several years, and she was able to tell me things about it that I had no idea about.
  • Media literate victims are all around us!
  • All you have to do is ask. An example is when I was researching for my case study for my final grade, I took a hail mary to ask my shero, Chairperson of Urban One, Cathy Hughes, for an interview and she said yes! I might try that on asking Dwayne Johnson to marry me next lol!
  • Melina has a passion for dogs and animals in need which is something I commend her for!
  • Sha’Mira is Kohl’s most loyal employee and hopefully, an executive at the retail store is reading this now and will give her a big-ole raise for it too!
  • Joe’s girlfriend likes to drop hints of marriage on her social media. Her plan to share her Pinterest with him which had pins of different wedding ideas was genius!
  • Abe has a different perspective on social media and the Internet than I do, and having him expose this to me will make me a better person.
  • Eric laughed at my jokes the most! And he has a sparkling white smile which I loved putting on his face!

Of course, I learned a lot of other stuff, but these are the things that I’m gonna take with me for the rest of my life!

I met so many people that have embraced my weirdness and never let me feel guilty about it either. I am proud to say that my classmates have turned into my friends, and that was always a struggle for me. Don’t get me wrong, I can get along with people just fine, but I just always felt like I never fit in until now.

So thank you to Professor Emily and my classmates for an enjoyable experience with all of you and may we continue to progress in this program together!

By allisonjoyner

Born in Mobile. Raised in Birmingham. Educated in Atlanta. Adulated in Jackson. And back in the ATL.

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